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Information Systems and Internal Audit Manager

Job Summary

Information Systems & Internal Audit Managers monitor a company's computer network for possible mismanagement, fraud, and inefficiency. S/He must ensure that Information system audit practices comply with company procedures and government regulations. Information System & Internal Audit Managers don't just point out system flaws; they also promote efficient practices by recommending improvements in processing capability, user interface, and security designs.

A significant portion of this job deals with evaluating IT accounting practices to trace a company's resources. As managers implement auditing policies, they make sure that their institution has adequate technology and system controls to meet business objectives and customer needs.

Tasks and Duties
  • Assists in preparing the annual IT risk assessment and internal audit plan in collaboration with the Head of Internal Audit
  • Identifies audit risk and develops specific audit scope and objectives for assigned audit work.
  • Conducts assigned audit testing (interviews, document review, flowcharting, data analysis), to identify reportable issues for an audit work
  • Prepares formal reports that effectively communicate the issues at the appropriate level of detail and the correct message for the audience
  • Works with Head of Internal Audit to develop audit department procedures and assist in implementing standards
  • Review on continuous basis, existing systems, practices and controls (including bank reconciliations, loan files, account opening and closing procedures) that had been entered in the system with the view of bringing out weaknesses and recommending innovations for improved financial operational and efficiency
  • Performs general and application control reviews for simple to complex computer information systems.
  • Performs information control reviews to include system development standards, operating procedures, system security, programming controls, communication controls, backup and disaster recovery, and system maintenance
  • Prepares audit finding memoranda and working papers to ensure that adequate documentation exists to support the completed audit and conclusions
  • Prepares and presents written and oral reports and other technical information in a pertinent, concise, and accurate manner for distribution to management
  • Follows up on audit findings to ensure that management has taken corrective action(s)
  • Assists and trains other audit staff in the use of computerized audit techniques, and in developing methods for review and analysis of computerized information systems
  • Monitor all audit trails
  • Ensure security of the systems
  • Ensure compliance with Information Systems Policies, Standards, systems and other applicable industry accepted computing practices
  • Assesses threats and vulnerabilities regarding information assets and recommends the appropriate security controls and measures
  • Analyses the effectiveness of IT control activities, validates baseline security configurations for operating systems, applications, networking and telecommunications equipment and reports on them with actionable recommendations
  • Monitors the Institutions compliance with IT security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures
  • Acts as liaison between internal audit and IT to ensure commitments are met and controls are properly implemented
  • Serves in an advisory role in application development projects to assess security requirements and ensure controls are implemented as planned and that IT security issues are addressed throughout the project life cycle
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time
  • Performs any other duties as assigned
Minimum Requirements

Educational Background
  • BSc/BA degree in Banking and Finance, Accounting and any business related program from a recognized institution
  • Must be a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Membership of CA or ACCA will be an added advantage
Related Work Experience
  • Strong professional background with not less than 5 years of experience in auditing
  • Appreciable experience in implementing control systems
Skills and Competencies
  • Must be computer literate and a demonstrated experience in using Microsoft Office Suite (mainly Excel)
  • Proven knowledge in basic accounting and bookkeeping practices and processes
  • Demonstrated ability to give meticulous attention to details
  • Must possess strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and prioritize to meet deadlines
  • Planning, organization and interest in process improvement
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

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Head, Human Resource and Admin

Job Summary

Responsible for ensuring that the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of human resource strategic plans and programs are realized.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Develop and administer human resource strategic plans and procedures that relate to company personnel
  • Maintain the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions
  • Design, coordinate and manage prudent performance management system for the institution
  • Ensure legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource strategy according to state requirements
  • Manage human resource staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting and training employees
  • Direct and manage the Administration division and ensure the development and effective implementation of administrative procedures and guidelines
Minimum Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business or related fields
  • Masters/MBA degree preferred
  • Strong professional background with not less than 10 years of experience in a related field
  • Proven administrative, leadership and management ability in the area of administration
  • Should have held a managerial position for not less than 5 years

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Manager, Risk and Compliance

Job Summary

The Risk and Compliance Manager is responsible for supporting risk governance, identification, measurement, mitigation and monitoring of risks on a timely basis.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Oversee and direct the enterprise-wide management of risk exposures
  • Formulate policies and measurement models for the various units involved in carrying out the significant activities that create exposures in the various segments in the company
  • Make recommendations to the board of directors and senior management on the type and level of exposures in each activity segment permitted by policy
  • Advise and recommend to the board of directors and senior management on all matters relating to risk exporsure management
  • Regulate, monitor, review control procedures and report on matters relating to exposures management and report deviations fromm set limits and exception to policy
  • Ensure the company's responsibility towards anti-money laundering/customer relations laws, regulations and ethical standards are met
Minimum Requirements
  • Bachelors Degree in Banking, Finance/Accounting/Statistics/Business Administration
  • Professional qualification in eg. ACCA, CIM, CIB
  • String Organizational Skills with not less than 7 years of experience in related field
  • Proven administrative, leadership and management ability in a leadership role

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