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Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about us

testmonials user
(5/5 Stars)

“ Direct Savings and Loans came to my aid when I needed them most in 2012. Today, I have a booming Catering business with many workers and several cars. I am able to make deliveries to several places within the country and beyond. Their terms are flexible and that helps to make loan repayment a lot easier. I can afford to cater for my son, currently in medical school abroad because of the profit I earn on my business. Direct Savings and Loans is not just a business partner, they have become family. “

testmonials user
(5/5 Stars)

“ Late 2012, I invested a small amount of money to test Direct Savings and Loans and to have stayed with them till date shows they proved themselves by being very professional, truthful and dedicated. Direct Savings and Loans has become a business partner and blessing to my family and I. Now all my idle funds go to them because it's not only safe, it's growing too. “